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Kelly Glover has written for Mamamia, Tribune Media’s Zap2it.com.

Blogger Columist Entertainment journalist


Staff writer & columist

Kelly Glover Mamamia

Mamamia: Australian news, opinion, and lifestyle website targeted at women.


Staff writer: Branded articles, relatable personal content, pop culture commentary.

Big Curvy Love

Plus size blogger.

Plus-size fashion, dating & lifestyle  

Personal Blog:  Fashion posts, sponsored content, 50 Fat Dates.

Tribune Media [Zap2it]

Celebrity Interviewer

Entertainment journalism, news, interview. 


Entertainment writer in Los Angeles for Tribune Media. Interviewed celebs and wrote articles published on Zap2it.com.

Name Drop alert (a few celebs I’ve interviewed): Chris Hemsworth, John Travolta, Kim Basinger, Joaquin Phoenix, Katie Holmes, Sarah Michelle Gellar.